Alternatives to TV

Explore alternatives to technology as a family activity. 
child at computer imageEach family member will have their own interests and respecting/encouraging participation with activities of interest can go a long way to holding a child’s attention when a parent needs space.  Have your child choose from a list of their favorite activities and get them started nearby. 

Some ideas?  Help children create a game, song, or dance.  Set up a simple craft, drawing centre, or painting table. Build a fort of cushions, a cave with blankets, a box castle for stuffed animals.  Create a story, puppet show, or dress up area.

Place your child’s needs first.  Young children want to be part of all family activities.  Offering the opportunity for your child to participate in routine household tasks helps them to feel needed, included, more settled and content.  Choose activities that are within your child’s skill level and don’t worry about perfection – just the process to help your child feel good. 

Some ideas?  Family cooking times, digging in the garden, cleaning together (small broom, spray container of water, own dusting cloth), setting the table, picking up clutter, loading/unloading washer/dryer…


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