Rainy days in Powell River…

Go to the mall and visit the Family Place
Look for the ORCA Bus in a neighbourhood near you.  For schedules see:  www.successby6powellriver.ca
Walk the length of the mall, there’s lots of space for toddler legs to get exercise and it’s easy to push the stroller and keep dry.  
Enjoy swimming at the complex.
Visit the library
Take a Rain Walk – put the plastic cover over the stroller, wear boots and rain jackets/rainpants. Willingdon Beach Trail is well protected by over-hanging branches. And a Rain Walk feels like an adventure!
Make small boats out of wood, popsicle sticks or peanut shells. Put on boots and muddy buddies and go for a walk to find some moving water or a puddle to float them in. Blow them to have a race. Make a wave with your boot.
Make a rain painting. Paint on a piece of stiff paper or poster board with water colours. Use lots of colours. Place outside and watch the rain paint designs on the paper.
Go to a variety of beaches. Look in  tide pools and wade out as far as your boots allow. The beach looks different in the rain and in the fall and winter months.
Collect some smooth rocks while at the beach. Take them home and let dry. Paint them with an acrilic paint. Paint some small ones for the board game activity below.
Make a fort using the couch cushions, chairs and a sheet. Use clothes pegs or elastic bands to hold the sheet to the chairs. Have a snack inside the fort.
For children that bathe together- put some small bowls of poster paint and brushes in the empty bathtub. Children can paint themselves and the bathtub walls. After painting, safely fill the bathtub and give the children sponges with a squirt of dish detergent and let them wash themselves and the bath tub walls.
Have a play bath at any time of day (especially good for bored children). Fill the bath and add a drop or two of food colouring and a drop of dish detergent. Add some plastic measuring cups, rinsed small plastic containers, plastic colander, etc. Add children.  Drain the water right after the bath and wipe down.
Celebrate "Nobody's birthday". Everyone selects something that they own and wraps it. Make home made wrapping paper out of paper grocery bags cut open and colored on. Make birthday cards. Make or buy a cake or cupcakes. Put the gifts around the cake and sing Happy birthday to Nobody. Each person opens their own gift and celebrates with the cake. Children five and up really enjoy the "silliness" of this. This activity can be adapted for any pretend special day or holiday.
For four year olds and up: Make a board game. Take a sheet of poster board and either use a ruler or trace shapes using a small cardboard square or the metal lid of a  frozen orange juice can to make the game spaces. Decide on a theme ( animals, under the sea, pirates, etc) and design your board game around getting from the start to finish. Write directions on random spaces ( go back three spaces, jump to the blue space, etc). Make cardboard cards ( index cards cut in half, old greeting cards, etc) and write ideas on them ( tell the person next to you what you like about them, what funny thing happened to you, where would you like to go to, etc). Draw on  random squares a symbol that means pick up one of these cards. Get a large dice and some small figures ( that match your theme) or painted rocks. Draw or decorate your board game. Play the game! The back can be used to make a different board game!

When kids need to be still…

Keep a special box filled with special toys/art supplies based on the child's interest level and developmental stage. Name it "The Quiet Time Box" and only pull it out for the specific break or quiet time, then put it away for "next time". For under three's the box may contain several interesting and independent play encouraging toys- but parents should only put one toy out at a time and switch it when the child loses interest due to their shorter attention span.

Instead of TV try some quieter activities:

playing with building blocks
playing with dolls or cars or other small toys
playing with play dough
singing songs
looking at books together.


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