13-19 - Teen Safety

Help your teen stay safe.  Learn more at the following links:

Teenage Driving


Transport Canada

 Safe Sex

About.com: Safe Sex 101

kidshealth.org: talking to your partner about condoms

kidshealth.org: std's

Babysitter’s Training and Helpful Tips

St.John's Ambulance

Safety Council: babysitters-training-course

Bike, Boat and Sports & Exercise safety

 Bike Safety

Sports & Exercise Safety

Water Safety & Boating

 Internet Safety

 Internet 101 is a great resource for learning about internet safety. It’s a partnership between parents and police. 


“Welcome to Internet 101 - Here at Internet 101, our motto is “police and partners...working together to web-proof our communities”.

Internet 101

a Internet 101


Internet 101

Just as we teach our kids to safely navigate the streets of our cities, we need to do the same for the digital highway we call the Internet. A committee of police forces, led by the RCMP, created and maintains this website, a collection of safety tips, helpful presentations and links to further police-approved resources to help kids and parents surf safely.” www.internet101.ca

 I can be safe online


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